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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Delay Seeing the Dentist

May 22, 2014 — by fuquas
Tags: Dentist Prosthodontist Southlake

Dental health is important. However, many people still find themselves putting off that twice-annual visit. Reasons such as inconvenience, fear or finances are often cited as the reasons for the delay in oral hygiene appointments, but in the long run it never works in your favor to neglect a trip to the dentist. Here are some things to remember about just how important it is to keep your visits consistent and on time.


May 20, 2014 — by fuquas
Tags: Bruxism Prosthodontist Southlake

People affected by bruxism unconsciously clench their teeth during the day or grind them at night while they sleep. Night grinding is referred to as sleep or nocturnal bruxism. If left unchecked, grinding and clenching can lead to damaged teeth and jaw disorders. With proper attention and care, however, it is possible to prevent this habit from becoming a much bigger dental problem.

The Different Types of Dentures

May 8, 2014 — by fuquas
Tags: Dentures Prosthodontist Dentist Southlake

Dentures are false teeth designed to replace missing teeth. They can provide you with a more youthful look and allow you to eat and speak more easily. There are several different types of dentures, all of which can fit comfortably in your mouth and give the appearance of a healthy, natural smile.

No matter the type, all dentures first start with a discussion between you and your prosthodontist. If you are concerned with tooth loss, take the first step and make an appointment. Dr. Steven Fuqua of Fuqua Advanced Dental has received advanced training and specializes in replacing and restoring teeth. If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Fuqua or want any additional information about dentures or other dental services, please contact our office in Southlake.

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