Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing teeth have a negative impact on your smile and your oral health, but traditional dentures or bridges can come loose.

Fortunately, dental implants replace tooth roots and fuse with the jawbone to provide secure, long-lasting support to dental restorations.

At Fuqua Advanced Dental in Southlake, TX, our prosthodontist is an expert in implant dentistry. Why are implants such a great choice?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium rods that serve as prosthetic tooth roots and provide support to dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. The advanced titanium in the implants is biocompatible, so it is able to naturally fuse with the jaw and function just like a biological root. For qualifying patients, dental implants are certainly the best option available in modern dentistry for restoring missing teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Longevity and Durability

When patients take care of their teeth and follow the recommendations of their dentist, dental implants have the potential to last for 40 years or longer. While the restoration attached to the implant may eventually require replacement, the implant itself can withstand normal wear and tear for a lifetime.

Natural Appearance and Use

When high-quality restorations like the ones produced at our state-of-the-art, in-house dental lab are attached to dental implants, they can perfectly replicate the appearance of natural teeth. Additionally, patients with dental implants are able to chew and speak without worrying about dentures coming loose.

Jawbone Retention

When a tooth is lost, the jawbone can begin to atrophy at the location of the missing tooth roots. This leads to a variety of dental problems, including misalignment of the teeth, greater likelihood of infection, and an aged, sunken appearance. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants provide stimulation to the jawbone to keep it strong and healthy.

Do You Qualify for Implants? Request a Consultation

Even if you have jaw atrophy, Steven Fuqua, DDS, MS, can help you get to a place where you can qualify for dental implants. Dr. Fuqua has the experience and credentials to help you throughout your dental implant journey, from referring you to trustworthy oral surgeons for preparatory procedures to expertly placing dental implants once you qualify for treatment. 

Call our Southlake, TX, dental office to request a consultation:

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"This is an advanced prosthodontics office." 5-Star Reviews From Our Southlake, TX, Patients



Southlake, TX


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They listened to my concerns and took great care to answer to them. Great first visit.

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Joe Blow

Southlake, TX


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Dr Fuque and his entire staff are highly professional and kind. This is an advanced prosthodontics office for severe dental situations. You may rely on their expertise.

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See How Dental Implants Can Transform Your Smile

A patient missing a single molar
Before Treatment
An implant-supported crown that replaces the missing tooth
After Treatment

"If you need an implant or bridge, this is the place to go." More 5-Star Reviews From Our Southlake, TX, Patients


Sherry Berman

Southlake, TX


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If you need an implant or bridge, this is the place to go. Dr. Fuqua is great, he explains everything before it will happen. When I went in to consult with him on my mouth, he took over an hour to explain everything to me. I never felt he was rushed to see the next patient... He is a perfectionist. The staff is highly trained, and they are very personable. If you have any anxiety about your mouth, they know how to keep you relaxed. I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Fuqua and his staff.

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Rick Gatt

Southlake, TX


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May I just share my ongoing gratitude for the excellent dental care received at Fuqua Advanced Dental. Sandra, the hygienist, is awesome. I may be overstating this a bit, but she makes having your teeth cleaned FUN! She works quickly, but brings a personal, friendly approach that is so much appreciated. Drs. Steve and Tonya have been the source of dental care for my family for forever. The are simply the best! They bring dental care, from basic teeth needs to the most complex care, with professionalism, competence, and an attitude of “every patient is the most important patient we have.” Thank you!

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Choose a Prosthodontist for Dental Implant Treatment

If you are thinking that a dental implant is the right option for replacing your missing tooth or teeth, you would be wise to trust your care to a prosthodontist. Prosthodontists are highly trained dentists who specialize in treating and restoring missing teeth with dental implants.

At Fuqua Advanced Dental, prosthodontist Steven Fuqua and his team change lives daily through dental implant treatment. If you are ready to start the process of restoring your smile and bite permanently and securely through dental implants, schedule a consultation with our team today.

You can schedule a consultation at our Southlake office, serving Colleyville, Keller, and nearby areas, by filling out our online form or calling

(817) 410-8765

Dr. Steven Fuqua
Steven Fuqua, DDS, MS

A Modern Facility Equipped with Advanced Technology

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide the most effective and advanced treatment.

A man looking at digital x-ray images

We Offer Soothing Sedation Dentistry

Our Southlake practice provides three different tiers of sedation dentistry, allowing us to tailor this calming care to your individual needs. 

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is administered through a mask to produce sleepy, relaxed feelings. Some patients report these effects as being "dreamlike." While under the effects of nitrous oxide, you will remain aware and conscious.

Oral Conscious

Oral conscious sedation is typically administered through a pill taken approximately one hour before surgery. Stronger than laughing gas, this option can make you groggy or even fall into a light sleep during your dental implants procedure.

IV Sedation

IV sedation, which is delivered straight into the bloodstream, is the strongest option we offer. Reversible and adjustable during treatment, it makes patients fall asleep quickly and have little to no memory of their surgery whatsoever.

How Are Dental Implants Placed? A Treatment Timeline

Restoring a missing tooth with a dental implant is a multi-step process. Patients undergoing the placement of dental implants can expect to make several visits to our Southlake dental office over the course of three to six months. Most patients can expect a treatment timeline similar to this...


The first step to receive dental implants is to schedule a consultation with our dentist. During a consultation at our Southlake office, Dr. Fuqua will examine your bite, your remaining natural teeth, and the location of each missing tooth. If he determines that you are a good candidate for implants, we can schedule your first surgery.

First Surgery

During implant placement, we first make a small incision in the gums at the site of the missing tooth. Through this incision, a pilot hole can be drilled directly into the jawbone. Once this pilot hole has been made, it will be enlarged so that the implant can be screwed into place. Once this step is complete, the gums are stitched closed atop the implant and left to heal. To ensure your comfort, sedation dentistry may be utilized throughout the procedure.

First Healing Period

Once the implant is placed, a process known as osseointegration begins to take place, during which the bone and titanium implant fuse together. In doing so, the implant effectively becomes part of the body, providing unparalleled strength and durability for anchoring your dental prosthetic. Typically, this process takes several months. During this time, some patients may be provided with a temporary crown, bridge, or denture.

Abutment Placement

Once osseointegration is complete, you will return to our Southlake office to have an abutment secured to your dental implant. An abutment will serve as the connector between your implant and your dental crown, bridge, or denture. To place the abutment, our prosthodontist will once again create an incision in the gums to expose the implant. He will then attach the abutment and suture the gums closed in a way that leaves the abutment accessible above the gumline.

Second Healing Period

A second healing period is required for the gums to heal around the abutment. This can take several weeks.


Finally, you will return for your last appointment, during which we will restore your dental implant by securing your fully functional, durable, and natural-looking dental prosthetic.


You no longer have to worry about your smile being affected by a missing tooth. Thanks to your new implant and high-quality crown, bridge, or denture, you can speak, eat, and laugh with confidence.

Implants and Insurance

Unfortunately, despite being a truly life-changing dental solution, implants are not covered by dental insurance. That being said, the restorations they support, like bridges, crowns, and dentures, are typically covered. Our team accepts most insurance plans. Call (817) 410-8765 to discuss pricing for your implants.

"He has gone above and beyond for me" 5-Star Reviews From Our Southlake, TX, Patients


Jacquelyn Zimmerman


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Drs. Steve and Tonya Fuqua have been a favorite of mine for 20+ years. They have essentially set the benchmark extraordinarily high in their service, professionalism, kindness, friendliness, and quality of their work. 

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Forest Wagner


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I have been a patient of Dr. Fuqua for 15 years. He is exceptional at his craft in addition to him and his staff being top class. He has gone above and beyond for me and my situation and I couldn't possibly recommend him to anyone more. 

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Aren't Dentures Cheaper For Replacing Entire Arches?

Yes, receiving full dentures instead of implant-supported dentures is a more affordable option – in the short term. If you receive just dentures without surgically-embedded implants, your jawbone will start to atrophy and lose density. This can lead to further tooth loss.

Jawbone loss can greatly impair your everyday quality of life by harming your appearance, confidence, and abilities to eat and speak. It can also lead to higher surgical costs later on, as you may require bone grafts on each implant area if you later decide to upgrade your traditional dentures to implant-supported ones. If your tooth loss was recent your jawbone is likely still healthy and won't need bone grafting to support implants. This means getting implants now can save you thousands.

Dental professional crafting a restoration

Millions of Implant Crowns Annually

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 2.3 million implant-supported crowns are made each year.

An Incredibly High Success Rate

The American College of Prosthodontists also reports that individuals who maintain good oral hygiene and overall health experience dental implant success rates of approximately 95%.

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Fuqua Advanced Dental

The friendly team of compassionate professionals at Fuqua Advanced Dental provides cosmetic, restorative, and general dental procedures for your entire family. Drs. Steven and Tonya Fuqua are members of numerous professional associations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • American College of Dentists
  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • Academy of Osseointegration

To schedule an appointment at our Southlake, TX, dentist office, contact us online or call (817) 410-8765 today.

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