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Dental Implants – Southlake, Colleyville, Keller and Surrounding Areas

A Long-term Solution with Long-term Benefits

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, it can cause you pain and discomfort, jeopardize your oral health, and be a source of embarrassment as well. Feeling self-conscious about your smile can have a profoundly detrimental impact on your quality of life, and poor oral health not only inhibits the functionality of your mouth, but often leads to general health problems as well, such as possible increased risk of heart disease. We offer dental implant treatment at Fuqua Advanced Dental – serving SouthlakeColleyvilleKeller, and surrounding communities – to help patients who are missing one or more natural teeth restore their oral health. Though many people fail to appreciate the connection, your oral health plays a key role in your whole body health, and it’s important that you take whatever steps necessary to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. If gaps created by missing teeth are left untreated, it can lead to infection, gum disease, and malocclusion (or teeth misalignment). Through the use of dental implants, small titanium posts which act as artificial tooth roots, these risks can be eliminated.

If you want to take steps to ensure that you are able to enjoy healthy, functional teeth for years and decades to come, we highly encourage you to contact our Southlake dental office today. Our team, led by Drs. Steven and Tonya Fuqua, would be happy to help. 


Dr. Steven Fuqua is an experienced prosthodontist and implant dentist. He not only restores dental implants with dental prosthetics such as crowns and bridges, but he surgically places the implants as well. There are many benefits to such comprehensive treatment:

  • Dr. Fuqua has the expertise to handle your implant needs, from beginning to end. Occasionally, a referral to an oral surgeon or periodontist may be required, but Dr. Fuqua will monitor your care every step along the way. Without having to be referred out to an oral surgeon, you can work with a single dentist, from beginning to end
  • You can trust that you’ll receive dental care of the highest standard, knowing who will be performing your oral surgery
  • You can expect superb results as there is no risk of information being misinterpreted or lost through back-and-forth communication
  • You will likely be able to save time, money, and energy

The procedure itself is a multi-step process. Patients undergoing the placement of dental implants can expect to make several visits to our Southlake dental office over the course of three to six months. To place the dental implant, a small titanium screw atop which a dental prosthetic (crown, bridge, or denture) can be fixed, we first make a small incision in the gums at the treatment site. Through this incision, a pilot hole can be drilled directly into the jaw bone. Once this pilot hole has been made, it will be enlarged so that the dental implant can be screwed into place. Once this step is complete, the gums are stitched closed atop the implant and left to heal. To ensure your comfort, sedation dentistry may be utilized throughout the procedure.

Once the implant is placed, a process known as osseointegration begins to take place, during which the jaw bone and titanium implant fuse together. In doing so, the implant in effect becomes part of the body, providing unparalleled strength and durability for anchoring your dental prosthetic. Typically, this process takes several months. Once complete, you will return to our Southlake office to have an abutment secured to your dental implant. An abutment will serve as the connector for your dental crown, bridge, or denture. To place the abutment, the gums will once again have to be drawn back so that they can have time to heal around the base. Several weeks later, you will return for your final appointment, during which we will restore your dental implant by securing your fully functional, durable, and natural-looking dental prosthetic.


Dental implants provide the most stable, most natural, longest-lasting solution to missing teeth. If you are missing a single tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, dental implants can help restore the function and appearance of your smile. Because they are securely anchored into the jaw, there is no risk of slippage or shifts, and with proper upkeep, implants can last a lifetime, providing long-term benefits. Quite simply, there is no more durable solution to missing or extensively damaged teeth – in effect, dental implants become your teeth.

Candidacy and Cost

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth, or who has teeth that are severely damaged or decayed, may benefit from dental implants. However, it should be noted that some people lack sufficient bone structure to support dental implants and that, in such cases, bone grafts will be necessary. If you are missing one or more teeth and are seeking a long-term solution to shore up your dental health, you may be a candidate for dental implants. During a consultation at our Southlake office, Dr. Fuqua can evaluate your oral health, discuss your goals with you in detail, and determine whether implants are right for you. If it’s determined that your needs can be met through the use of implants, we will then discuss cost with you; as every dental implant procedure is unique, it’s impossible to provide an accurate estimate on cost without first meeting with the patient.

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Please contact Fuqua Advanced Dental today to arrange a consultation with our team. We strive to provide all of our patients with a warm and inviting atmosphere that puts them at ease. We would be honored to help you improve your dental health and realize your aesthetic goals.

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The friendly team of compassionate professionals at Fuqua Advanced Dental provides cosmetic, restorative, and general dental procedures for your entire family. Drs. Steven and Tonya Fuqua are members of numerous professional associations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • American College of Dentists
  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • Academy of Osseointegration

To schedule an appointment at our Southlake, TX, dentist office, contact us online or call (817) 410-8765 today.

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