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Damaged, decayed, and missing teeth can impact your health, dental function, and appearance.

Prosthodontics is the area of dentistry that aims to restore tooth damage and tooth loss.

See how Dr. Steven Fuqua at Fuqua Advanced Dental in Southlake, TX, can provide you with effective prosthodontic solutions.

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Missing teeth and dental damage can cause immense pain and result in problems when eating and speaking. Let us help you rebuild your smile quickly with our versatile solutions and state-of-the-art technology. Our office is conveniently located in Southlake Town Square.

What Is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that involves the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and maintenance of patients' oral health, function, and appearance. Patients who benefit from prosthodontics often include those who have suffered a face or mouth injury, have age-related tooth loss, or have clinical conditions that result in teeth and maxillofacial deficiencies.

See What Our Prosthodontist Can Do for You

Before This patient was unhappy with the appearance of their worn, discolored teeth.
After Dr. Steven Fuqua provided the patient with a lifelike denture to improve the appearance and functionality of their smile.

Restore Your Dental Function With Our Southlake Prosthodontist

Steven J. Fuqua, DDS, MS completed a three-year prosthodontics residency program in 1998 so he could provide his patients with access to high-quality restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry. His clinical experience and dedication to continuous learning make him confident he can handle all aspects of your treatment.

From a damaged tooth to entire arches of missing teeth, we can provide you with a comfortable solution that restores your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. If you could benefit from treatment, we invite you to contact us with our form or call our office that's located in Southlake Town Square:

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"This is the place to go"


Sherry Berman


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If you need an implant or bridge, this is the place to go. Dr. Fuqua is great, he explains everything before it will happen. When I went in to consult with him on my mouth, he took over an hour to explain everything to me. I never felt he was rushed to see the next patient.

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Joan Gregory


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Dr. Fuqua's office is always a pleasant experience! His staff is personable and very accommodating! My husband had to have all of his teeth removed, due to radiation treatments from cancer. Just watching Dr. Fuqua shows me that he is a perfectionist, and I'm sure my husband's final set of teeth will be amazing!

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Why Choose a Prosthodontist Instead of a Traditional Dentist?

In addition to achieving a bachelor's degree and completing dental school, prosthodontists must complete an additional three years of residency training and education through an ADA-accredited prosthodontic graduate program. With this training, a prosthodontist can:

  • Create custom restorations
  • Place dental implants
  • Correct TMJ disorders
  • Correct sleep and snoring problems

Though a traditional dentist may have some training in prosthodontics and provide dentistry solutions like crowns and dentures, a prosthodontist is extensively trained in this area and can handle complex cases. Your dentist may even refer you to our Southlake, TX, prosthodontist for care.

Our prosthodontist can help you explore treatment options and determine the best way to restore your oral health, function, and appearance.

Our Available Prosthodontic Services

At Fuqua Advanced Dental in Southlake, TX, we provide patients with a variety of solutions for tooth damage and loss. During a consultation, you can tell our prosthodontist about your concerns and he will assess your dental health before deciding on the optimal treatment plan. Your treatment may include:


Dental crowns can cap a damaged tooth to protect the remaining structure and restore functionality. Implant-supported crowns can completely replace a single tooth. We craft our crowns with materials like porcelain so the restoration is indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Dental Bridge


A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth that is supported on either side by crowned abutment teeth or dental implants. Bridges can replace areas of tooth loss of up to three teeth in a row.

Full Denture

Full Dentures

A denture replaces an entire arch of teeth to restore dental function. Our dentures are custom molded to fit over your dental arch to ensure your comfort. Dentures can also be supported by dental implants for a more secure fit.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

If a patient still has some remaining healthy teeth, but gaps that are too large to be treated by a dental bridge, they can benefit from a partial denture. This dentistry solution can restore areas of tooth loss throughout the mouth and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place.

Dental Implant

Dental Implants

Implants replace tooth roots, prevent the jawbone atrophy that occurs after tooth loss, and support restorations to return dental function. Our prosthodontist can complete every step in the implant placement process, from planning your surgery to connecting your restoration.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the front surface of a tooth to conceal flaws like chips, discoloration, and gaps. Though dentists can provide veneers, our Southlake, TX, prosthodontist has developed a mastery of aesthetics and function that allow him to create stunning, lifelike veneers.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction combines restorative and general treatments to address multiple concerns and completely rehabilitate a patient's oral health. Treatment is tailored to the patient and can address decay, gum disease, tooth loss, and more.

To provide the very best care, Dr. Steven Fuqua may collaborate with dentists, specialists, or other healthcare professionals to create a treatment tailored to a patient's needs and resolve their dental concerns.

Treating Jaw Disorders

Not only can prosthodontists restore damaged and missing teeth, but they can also treat jaw disorders that can lead to widespread damage and the inability to open your mouth. The temporomandibular area is complex and involves muscles, joints, and ligaments. A trained prosthodontist understands how this complex area works and can provide you with comfortable and conservative treatment like an oral appliance.

Dr. Fuqua also provides treatment for sleep and snoring disorders, problems that can also be corrected with oral appliances.

The Dangers of Damaged and Missing Teeth

Damaged Teeth

Not only can chips and cracks affect the appearance of your smile and cause sensitivity, but they can also leave the interior of your tooth exposed, causing cavities and infections. Our Southlake, TX, office can provide you with restorations like dental crowns to protect the structure of affected teeth.

Missing Teeth

When a tooth falls out, the jawbone doesn't receive the stimulation it needs, so the bone tissue deteriorates. This can cause the surrounding teeth to shift out of place and even result in further tooth loss as the bone weakens. We can provide you with dental implants and restorations to improve dental function.

Meet Our Prosthodontist Steven J. Fuqua, DDS, MS

Dr. Steven Fuqua is an active member of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) and a well-respected member of the dental community. Because of his experience in the field of prosthodontics, he is often called upon to speak to dental groups so he can share his knowledge of modern prosthodontic techniques. Many traditional dentists trust Dr. Fuqua and refer their patients to him for quality restorative care. He is here to guide you through your treatment.

Dr. Steven Fuqua

See What Our Patients Say About Dr. Fuqua "Exceptional at his craft"


Jacquelyn Zimmerman


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Drs. Steve and Tonya Fuqua have been a favorite of mine for 20+ years. They have essentially set the benchmark extraordinarily high in their service, professionalism, kindness, friendliness, and quality of their work. I now bring my two young kids for their checkups and for weeks after, they beg to go back to the dentist.

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Forest Wagner


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I have been a patient of Dr. Fuqua for 15 years. He is exceptional at his craft in addition to him and his staff being top class. He has gone above and beyond for me and my situation and I couldn't possibly recommend him to anyone more. You are guaranteed an honest, accurate and professional outcome every single time.

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Fuqua Advanced Dental

The friendly team of compassionate professionals at Fuqua Advanced Dental provides cosmetic, restorative, and general dental procedures for your entire family. Drs. Steven and Tonya Fuqua are members of numerous professional associations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • American College of Dentists
  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • Academy of Osseointegration

To schedule an appointment at our Southlake, TX, dentist office, contact us online or call (817) 410-8765 today.

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